Applying to Law School

What to Do and When to Do It

Consult our Slide Deck for more information regarding the application cycle.

Law School Application Components

The Summer Before You Apply:

Open a Credential Assembly Service account by registering at

Prepare for and take the Law School Admissions Test (LSAT) by registering at

Select writers for your Letters of Recommendation.  Most law schools require 2 letters of recommendation with a strong preference for academic letters.  If a law school accepts more than 2 letters, consider getting a third letter from a supervisor, especially if you are in the workforce.

In the Fall of Your Application Cycle:

Complete your Personal Statement, Diversity Statements and Addenda.  Some law schools may include supplemental essays in their applications.

Finalize your Law School Resume.  Unlike a job resume, most law school resumes can be 2 pages in length, highlighting your extracurricular activities, leadership, awards and professional experience.

Create your list of law schools.  Applicants apply to an average of 9 to 11 schools. Penn-specific admissions statistics are here.