BioSciences Career Fair (in-person) – Students and Postdocs

BioSciences Career Fair – in-person

Thursday 29th September, 12-4PM EST

Houston Hall, 3417 Spruce St, Philadelphia, PA 19104

Student/postdoc registration for the in-person BioSciences Career Fair is open – visit:

There are two versions of the BioSciences Career Fair this year, with an in-person event on Thursday 29th September and a virtual event on the 30th September. There will be different employers at each event and so please make sure that you register for both. This page contains information for the in-person fair. Follow this link for information on the virtual event:

You can find a list of currently registered employers for the in-person event here: (you can find the list of employers for the virtual event here)

 Who can attend?

  • Current Penn undergraduate students
  • Current Penn graduate students
  • Alumni from Penn graduate and undergraduate programs
  • Current postdocs at Penn

Students and postdocs will have the opportunity to upload their resumes prior to the career fair, and these will be shared with all employers 7-10 days prior to the virtual and in-person career fair. This provides employers with the opportunity to reach out to students/postdocs directly if they choose to do so. This is an extra opportunity, and does not take the place of applying for specific positions at organizations that you are interested in. Resumes uploaded for the resume books will be viewed by any employer that has registered for this event.

To upload your resume, please select the link below that reflects your degree/academic status at Penn, and your interest in full-time or internship opportunities.

Alumni: If you are a Penn alum/alumna, please choose the category that reflects the degree your received from Penn or your most recent degree status (e.g., if you are a Penn undergraduate alum with a PhD from another institution, you can choose the PhD/postdoc option)

Upload your resume to one of the following folders if you are interested in internships:

Upload your resume to one of the following folders if you are interested in full-time opportunities:

The deadline for submitting your resume will be 11:59pm on Tuesday 20th September

Best practices:

  • Upload a PDF version of your resume
  • If you are a PhD/postdoc, a 1-3 page resume will be more effective than a longer academic CV
  • Keep your preferred employer audience in mind as you create a general version of your resume. You will have the option to add to add some descriptive keywords about your skills and interests when you upload your resume to the box file (e.g., Neuroscience PhD student with strong interest in life science consulting)

If you run into any challenges with submitting your resume, please reach out:

  • Joseph Barber (
  • Lisa Giang (

There is always an opportunity to explore careers, practice networking, and apply for positions at the BioSciences Career Fair – and this event can be a really helpful part of your career development process whether you are actively or applying for opportunities or not. Learn best practices for navigating the BioSciences Career Fair by registering for this workshop:

Making the most of the BioSciences Career Fair for exploring, networking, and applying
Tuesday 13th September, 4-4:50pm

The employers attending the BioSciences Career Fairs provide an insight into many of the common careers pursued by STEM students and postdocs. Begin your exploration to determine career options for when you complete your degree or postdoc. Talk with the employers to gain an unprecedented insight into opportunities that match your career goals.

Take this opportunity to network even if you are not job/internship hunting right now. The best time to network is when you are not looking for a job, and when information is all you are looking for. Employers want to be kept busy during a career fair. They want to talk to as many interested and interesting students/postdocs as possible. The more engaged they are at the fair, the more likely it will be that they will keep coming back to future career fairs. You may not be applying for job this year, but at some point you will be, and so take this opportunity to make a connection at employers that might one day be on your shortlist. You can connect with these employers each year (and throughout the year) to learn more about future opportunities.