How data analytics impacted the Eagles’ Superbowl win

If you’re an Eagles fan, you’re aware of the gutsy 4th down play that helped cement the city’s first Super Bowl win–the Philly Special. The behind-the-scenes clips of quarterback, Nick Foles, suggesting “Philly Philly” to coach Doug Peterson, add swelling emotion to an otherwise dispassionate decision that came through Pederson’s headset an entire play prior: if we get to fourth down, the light is green. The growing need for data in sports is an exciting opportunity for those with key analytical skills to flourish in the industry. The ESPN article linked above is a great read on how data and RFID technology can drive the decisions that make us, as sports fans, so passionate.

By Natty Leach
Natty Leach Senior Associate Director, Wharton Undergrad / Co-host, CS Radio