LSAT Test Center Overflows and the Waitlist Process

Please see the message below from the Law School Admissions Council regarding LSAT test center waitlists.

Test Center Overflows and the Waitlist Process: More Info on How it Works

We hope the details below will offer some clarity about the process. We also want you to know right up front that:

  1. We guarantee everyone a seat on their preferred published test date.
  2. We work hard to secure the most convenient testing location possible for candidates.

Here’s how it works. Candidates contemplating taking the LSAT can get a general idea of seat availability in their location. On, under The LSAT, then Finding a Test Center, they can search by zip code, state, Canadian province, or country. The system will return a list of test centers.

If the search results show all centers as “unavailable,” or no centers in their state/province, or if they live in a rural or remote area of the U.S. or Canada, LSAC will work with them to find a centralized location. These candidates should sign in to their account and register for their desired test location. When they enter the zip code where they wish to test, we will reserve their seat and work to confirm a test center that’s as close as possible.

When setting up testing locations, we not only look for centralized locations, we also keep in mind the potential challenges of getting around a large city.

Candidates are encouraged to contact the LSAC Customer Relationship team if they have questions about their testing location.

By Mia Carpiniello
Mia Carpiniello Associate Director, Graduate School Advising Mia Carpiniello