Idealist Careers Try This Challenge #2 | Where Can You Grow?

Idealist Careers Try This Challenge #2 | Where Can You Grow? was originally published on Idealist Careers.

How did Challenge #1 go? Were you able to detail five professional successes from 2019? Did you recall a success you had perhaps forgotten about? Be sure to keep us posted on your “aha moments” (or your “I’m-totally-and-completely-stumped moments”) by emailing us at

Challenge #2

Now that you have a solid list of professional wins from last year, it’s time to determine where you’d like to grow. Get out your phone and set a reminder for yourself for the next three days. Each day, you’ll want to dedicate five to 10 minutes to identifying any opportunities for professional growth and development.

Why it matters

Armed with your successes from 2019, you should be able to imagine how to carry those good vibes into the new year, planting the seeds for even more success.

Perhaps, as you considered all of your big wins from the last year, a few #careerfails popped back onto your radar as well. Perfect! Take those challenges and turn them into goals for the new year. There is no better place to unearth a new goal than by digging through that pile of obstacles and struggles.

P.S. Even if you’re a social-impact superstar, you should be able to detail three challenges you faced in the last year. If you can’t, keep trying, I know they’re there!

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By Alexis Perrotta - Idealist Careers
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