Pre-Health Spotlight Series: Penn Heroes

Welcome to the Pre-Health Spotlight Series! 

Over the course of the spring semester, we look forward to highlighting the wonderful efforts of pre-health campus organizations serving the community.  Many organizations provide an opportunity to gain clinical experience and learn about the field of healthcare. 

Our first spotlight blog post features reflections from Samantha Turner regarding her participation in Penn Heroes, an organization dedicated to spreading light and laughter by dressing as superheroes to visit patients in local hospitals. 


Name of Organization

Penn Heroes

Patient Population Served by Your Organization

We serve children admitted to Philadelphia hospitals.  Volunteers are able to enter pediatric patient rooms to interact with children, offer encouragement and take pictures.

Why did you choose to volunteer with Penn Heroes?

I chose to volunteer with this organization because it seemed like a fun way to connect with kids and cheer them up when they are going through tough times. When I was in the hospital as a kid, I know that I would have wanted a superhero to visit me.  Through volunteering with Penn Heroes I can turn a kid’s tough day into an adventure day.

What valuable lessons have you learned from your experience?

I have learned that anyone can use encouragement from a superhero.  The simplest acts of service can turn a whole day around, especially within the health care system.  A simple costume can light up a room and create an element of magic.  While I may be the one dressed as a hero, the kids that I have met are the true heroes.  I see the kids as the true heroes because of their resilience and their constant happiness no matter what they are currently going through or have overcome.  The children that I have met have such incredible stories and inspire me to continue to volunteer to try and keep their amazing spirits bright.  Actually, before Penn Heroes, I was not a pre-health student.  After working with these kids and other factors, I realized that I wanted to be part of the process of making kids feel better.  So due to Penn Heroes and how much I enjoy the work, I am now pre-medicine and desire to pursue a career in pediatrics.

How may interested students learn more about this organization?

Interested students can contact the board at any time by emailing  There is an interest sign up form via Also if someone wants to speak to me about my experience in Penn Heroes, my email is

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