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Welcome to the Idealist Careers Try This Challenge # 4! You’ve already have had a chance to consider your professional successes, identified opportunities for growth, and taken steps to nurture your network. Now it’s time to learn something new!

Challenge #4

This month, we challenge you to commit (and follow through!) on at least one opportunity to learn something new.

If you already have plans to go back to school or you’re currently earning your degree, that’s great! But this month is about the kinds of opportunities that you could accomplish over a weekend, or at most, over the course of the month.

Not sure what to pursue? Here’s a hint: when you find something that fits the following criteria, you’ll know you’re on a good path!

  • You feel excited at the prospect of learning this skill.
  • You can fit this opportunity into your current schedule with relative ease.
  • You have a sense of how and where you can highlight this new skill on your resume (this is key!).

If you’re currently employed, consider checking in with your supervisor to see if there is any funding (or some on-the-clock learning hours) to put toward this endeavor.

Before you sit down for this chat, however, make sure that you have considered all of the ways in which this opportunity will help you grow professionally and help to enrich your organization as a whole.

Why it matters

In the social-impact world, it can seem like you don’t have time for a trip the restroom, let alone the flexibility to schedule a webinar or attend a conference. But if you let the daily grind get in the way of professional development, you can easily find yourself stagnating in your career.

A little self-guided learning can be an important first step on your journey to fully developing yourself both personally and professionally.

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