Interviewing: Answers for “Do You Have Any Questions for Us?”  During Covid-19

by Dr. Esther H. Ra

Often interviewees will forget that an interview is ultimately a two-way street.  As much as an employer is taking a deeper look at your skill sets and experience during an interview, as the interviewee, it is imperative that you also interview your employer. After preparing and practicing for the coveted interview you hoped to land, at the end of the interview, the interviewer will often ask the interviewee, “What are some questions you have for us?” This is an opportunity to carefully consider by way of the interview, whether or not to build a relationship with the employer. Is this the right decision moving forward to pursue? Does this organization prioritize their human resources? Such questions may linger in your mind as you make the decision to commit to the right employer.  It is important to gauge whether the job is the right fit and an ideal organization to grow professionally as well. In these Covid-19 times, below are some questions that should be asked of employers before agreeing to onboard at their organization or company. While it is important that you take a position that is suited for you professionally, it is of equal value that you consider your health and safety and the organization’s steps towards keeping employees’ health at the forefront of their safety protocols. Some questions to consider asking:

  • What are some protocols you are taking at your company to ensure safety and social distancing measures at your organization?
  • What are your expectations of employees currently during Covid-19 that are different than what you might have had prior to the pandemic?
  • What guidelines do you have in place should an employee get sick through the workplace?
  • What is your policy on sick leave, should I or a loved one get sick?
  • How do you foresee the workflow changing in the coming weeks and months? What considerations are you taking into account?

Currently, under the state of the pandemic, these are fair questions to be asking when considering a position. You have probably heard that these are unprecedented times. This is true and such questions need to be considered especially as you make the important decision of accepting a job offer, which now often may exclude the usual in person meetings and visits to the workplace to mitigate person-to-person contact. Asking targeted, yet wise questions to understand the employer’s perspective on how they are handling the pandemic may shed light on the type of organization they are and how closely they adhere to state and national guidelines.


By Esther Ra
Esther Ra Associate Director, Nursing/Education/Social Work