Succeeding in Your Internship This Summer

Working in a remote internship in the current economic environment may seem daunting.  Here are a few ideas to make a great impression during your summer internship:

Maintain a positive attitude.  Show your eagerness and enthusiasm to contribute and learn.  Express interest in pursuing new projects no matter the task.  How you approach this opportunity can make a big difference and create a positive impression.

Be a problem-solver.  Many organizations and companies are facing significant business challenges.  Now is your chance to think creatively and propose new ideas to make an impact.  Listen carefully during meetings and pay attention to any opportunities to solve problems for your employer.

Embrace change and be flexible.   Even if you were hired to work on a specific project or job function, your ability to adapt to changing needs is critical for success.  Be flexible and pivot accordingly as business needs evolve.

Finally, believe in yourself – you have much to offer your employer and your summer internship is an excellent opportunity to develop and enhance skills that will serve you well in the future.

By David Ross
David Ross Senior Associate Director, Wharton Undergrad David Ross