Learn a new skill before the Fall

As summer internships and plans start to wind down, you could still have the perfect couple of weeks to learn a new skill before what will surely be a busy Fall semester. LinkedIn Learning is a great, free resource available to all Penn students that has an impressive library of online tutorials.

You could use this as an opportunity to gain a valuable skill for your career goals or just as personal enrichment for a topic you love. You could learn to draw, how to create music in Ableton Live, use a new programing language, or the fundamentals of accounting.

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been learning video production in Adobe’s Premier Pro. I’m hoping this will help in my work at Career Services and putting together videos that help us provide better content remotely. If I had some extra time, though, I’d love to work through one of the courses on drawing cartoon characters.

Whatever new skill you decide to build up, LinkedIn Learning likely has a number of helpful tutorials!

By Natty Leach
Natty Leach Handshake Manager and Associate Director, The College / Co-Host, CS Radio Natty Leach