3 Ways To Network Internationally

Have you ever networked with people outside of the U.S.? Whether you’re an international student looking to work in your home country or a domestic student looking for an adventure abroad, it’s always helpful to make connections in your industry of interest. But how do you find people to talk to? Here are three ways to find folks to network with outside of the U.S.:

1) Use MyPenn to search for Penn alumni by location

MyPenn is an online community and database of Penn alumni (with nearly 450,000 people!). Once you log in with your PennKey and password, click on “Directory” in the header. You’ll find lots of filters along the side that you can use to find Penn alumni by industry, major, location, and more.

A list of different countries that Penn alumni can be found in

**Pro Tip: Click on the “Available for Mentorship” filter to show only Penn alumni who have enabled this tag on their profiles. While you can certainly reach out to anyone you find on MyPenn, alumni with this tag are excited to connect with you and may be more likely to respond to your outreach.

2) Find international Penn alumni on LinkedIn

From the LinkedIn home page, do a search for “University of Pennsylvania” and then click on the “Alumni” tab. You’ll then have access to nearly 185,000 alumni and can narrow that down based on where they live.

A list of different locations that Penn alumni can be found in

3) Reach out to international alumni clubs

Thousands of alumni interact with their local Penn alumni club each year, and clubs exist throughout the U.S. and abroad. Reaching out to clubs to see if they are willing to engage with current students can be a great way to chat with alumni internationally!

A sample of the different international Penn alumni clubs

Once you’ve found alumni here or abroad, what comes next? Check out our Quick Guide to Informational Interviewing – you’ll learn how to write an email to ask for a conversation, plus you’ll find a whole page of sample questions you can ask while networking.

Happy chatting!

By Jillian Cener
Jillian Cener Associate Director, Engineering