CS Radio – Episode 140: Tina Anino, Career Wardrobe, On Campus Interviews

CS Radio - The official podcast of University of Pennsylvania Career Services. Episode 104: Tina Anino, Career Wardrobe, On Campus Interviews

Episode Notes

In this grab bag episode, we discuss…

  • Reviewing resumes and researching summer internships
  • Dressing for professional roles and how workplace attire has evolved
  • Mock-interview prep for Summer 2022 internships
  • Primary and secondary candidates in the on-campus recruiting process (predominantly tech consulting and finance)

Show Notes:

Our theme music is “The Strip” by Mala, used under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

Created by
A. Mylène Kerschner & J. Michael DeAngelis

Produced and Hosted by
J. Michael DeAngelis & Natty Leach

Mixed and edited by
Sadie Kilar

By Michael DeAngelis
Michael DeAngelis Senior Associate Director, Communications & Technology