CS Radio – Episode 141: Peer Career Advisor Sadie Butcher

CS Radio Episode 141: Sadie Butcher, Peer Career Advisor, Resume Tips, Transferable Skills

Today we are joined by Peer Career Advisor and College of Arts and Sciences senior Sadie Butcher. We discuss how PCAs can support you in appointments, when you should start working with Career Services, how to communicate skills and responsibilities on your resume, and more!

In this conversation with Peer Career Advisor Sadie Butcher, we discuss…

  • Peer Career Advisor responsibilities & how they can help you in appointments
  • The importance of having your resume and cover letter updated & reviewed by a PCA
  • When students should start working with Career Services
  • Focusing on your larger skill sets and impact when writing your resume
  • How Career Services can benefit students looking to pursue a career in any industry
  • How positions like human resources, marketing, and management can be highly specialized in various fields

Show Notes:

Our theme music is “The Strip” by Mala, used under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

Created by
A. Mylène Kerschner & J. Michael DeAngelis

Produced by
J. Michael DeAngelis & Natty Leach

Mixed and edited by
Sadie Kilar

By Michael DeAngelis
Michael DeAngelis Senior Associate Director, Communications & Technology