First Gen Fireside Chat: Media Insights with T-Mobile, Sage Myung

In celebration of First Gen Week at Penn, Career Services is highlighting experiences, perspectives and advice from first gen professionals in various career fields.

Curious about life at a growing media company with roles in engineering, tech, communications, and business?  Join us for a Fireside Chat Zoom Conversation with Sage Myung from T-Mobile.

  • Tuesday, November 9th, 2021
  • 12:00p – 12:30p
  • LIVE via Zoom

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Learn more about our first generation professional, Sage Myung.

My name is Sage Myung and I’m a recent graduate from the University of Washington with a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and a minor in Informatics. I’ve had numerous internships in different fields, leadership roles at UW, and volunteer experiences in my local community. I’m currently an Employee Experience intern at T-Mobile working in HR. Looking forward to connecting with others! 

Tell us about your background and career journey?  What led you to your current position? 

I started college wanting to study Public Health and go into healthcare, but quickly learned that it wasn’t the right fit for me. That’s when I took two years to try out different fields including Business and Communications, which helped open my eyes and better understand what type of career I wanted. Those years taught me a lot of lessons both professionally and personally, but most of all helped with my current role now. Finishing my degree, I accepted an offer to intern at T-Mobile and have continued with the company for 6 months as of November 2021.  

What has been your greatest accomplishment? 

One thing I’m really proud of is that I’m always looking for something new to try and have an open-mind. It’s lead me to meet amazing people in various companies, gain hands-on work experience, and grow into someone more confident where I’ve had multiple opportunities leading others.  

What surprises you the most about your job? 

I didn’t realize how much of an impact I would be able to have in this role. Before, I didn’t understand why employee experience was so important and that this was someone companies were willing to have people do. But with my current job, I’ve seen daily the positive impact we have on employees to make them feel valued and provide the space for them to connect with others.  

What three adjectives would you use to describe your company’s culture? 

Energetic, supportive, and inspirational. 

What internship opportunities does your company offer? 

T-Mobile offers many types of internships in fields such as Business, Tech, Software Engineering, HR, Corporate Communication, Legal, and so much more!  

How does your company mentor first gen professionals? (ie. Organizations, programs, workshops, professional development opportunities, etc.) 

T-Mobile has many programs both within the company and outside the company to mentor first gen professionals. Within the company, there are multiple groups who focus on diversity, professional development courses, and opportunities to even find mentors. Outside the company, they support different organizations that support first generational students, give them resources to succeed, and host informational session.  

What does being first gen mean to you? 

It something I’m very proud of because it shows people that despite obstacles or challenges one may have faced, they were strong enough to overcome them.  

What unique qualities do you think first gen students bring to the table? 

They bring courage, new perspectives, and a go-getter who aren’t afraid of challenges that come their way.  

How could a student highlight their unique experiences or qualities during an interview? 

I believe ever experience and quality if valuable, so it’s important for the student to be themselves when telling their story in a way that is true to themselves and are honest.  

Have you ever experienced imposter syndrome?  If so, how did you navigate through it? 

I have definitely experience imposter syndrome multiple times in my life, but one thing I always remind myself is that everyone does. We all question or doubt ourselves, and I believe that can partly be a good thing if you use that to push yourself and take the extra steps to find ways to keep going stronger. It’s also important to validate your feelings and reflect on why things may make you feel a certain way. Take time to be proud of yourself and all that you’ve accomplished.  

By Ariana Alexander
Ariana Alexander Associate Director, Graduate School Advising