Interactive Outcome Reports Now Available

Career outcomes are one the most requested and valuable resources from our office.  We collect data from our graduating students to capture not just where they are working, but what industry they’re in, the salaries they’re taking in, the timeline of their jobs search, or if they are pursuing graduate study, volunteer service or any other number of post-graduate paths.

For years, we’ve compiled the results into attractive, but static, PDF reports. Now, thanks to the concentrated efforts of our Data Analytics guru, Emily Barrale, we have turned those reports into interactive resources!

We’ve populated the charts back to 2018. You can filter on class year, college, major, industry, outcome, and more! Group filters together to see trends over time.

We think this will be a valuable and educational tool for our students, alumni, and employers. Currently, the undergraduate career outcomes and the U.S. employers hiring international students reports are fully interactive. The rest of our reports, including graduate student outcomes, industry reports and summer reports are still available as PDFs, and will be rolled out as interactive tolls in the near future.

By Michael DeAngelis
Michael DeAngelis Senior Associate Director, Communications & Technology