CS Radio – Episode 163: Workplace and Professional Boundaries

CS Radio The Official Podcast of University of Pennsylvania Career Services. Episode 163: Workplace and Professional Boundries

Internships can be demanding, and you want to do your best, but how do you balance boundaries when it comes to also living your life? Join the CS Radio crew as they discuss how the rise in remote opportunities can make setting boundaries more difficult than ever. Also, Michael and Natty share their own unique experiences with workplace balances from early in their careers.

Our theme music is “The Strip” by Mala, used under a Creative Commons Attribution license.

Created by
A. Mylène Kerschner & J. Michael DeAngelis

Produced by
J. Michael DeAngelis & Natty Leach

Mixed and edited by
Sam Pasco

By J. Michael DeAngelis
J. Michael DeAngelis Senior Digital Resources Manager, co-host CS Radio