CS Radio – Episode 169: Thanksgiving Break and the Job Search

CS Radio The Official Podcast of the University of Pennsylvania. Episode 169: Thanksgiving Break and the Job Search.

Happy Thanksgiving break! The squad discusses how to use the downtime as a chance to get comfortable with how to use job boards. Plus, we discuss what to say to a family they may or may not be pressing you about your internship/job search. Don’t worry – you’re not too late! (unless you’re in finance, consulting, or tech – in that case you should be with an advisor ASAP: https://careerservices.upenn.edu/)

Additional topics include:

  • Researching for interesting job titles
  • Staying in touch and connecting with friends at home
  • If you live in a city – local accessible networking
  • Meet with Career Services – but have a purpose

Mentioned in this episode:

By Michael DeAngelis
Michael DeAngelis Senior Associate Director, Communications & Technology