Avengers Assemble: Reframing Failure

Maybe you’re not into superheroes…

While I likely do not understand where you are coming from at all… I guess I could imagine a world where the Avengers are not the first you think about in the morning and the last thing you think about before bed.

But, in a world where we are consistently faced with challenges and opportunities that push us to our limits and beyond- and sometimes, even to the point of failure, it is essential that we remember some invaluable life lessons from the most beloved superhero team of all time: Failure is not the end. Success is built on failure.

At the end of Infinity War, Thanos has won and half the world is dead. That all seems pretty bleak if you ask me. However dreary the prospects may seem, the journey towards vengeance is not over. If anything, Marvel has invested 10+ years building up this impressive rooster of superheroes- there is no way the story can end here. So, what happens next? Avengers Assemble.

Let me tell you, these movies have it all. Even if you do not buy into the entire point of this post, I would recommend watching for the spectacle alone. Through teamwork, some trickery, and just a smidge of time travel, we see that the remaining Avengers are finally able put the pieces of their broken world back together again. And ultimately, we realize, this is a fight can only be won by a less obvious superpower: perseverance.   

We live in a world where avoiding failure seems to be one of the most important things. But what would happen if we choose to look at failure as a process of learning…? What would happen if we decided that the job we didn’t get wasn’t meant to be? And in response to it, we decided to grow, to evolve, and to finally… defeat Thanos.

Out of 14 million possible outcomes, the Avengers only needed one.

By Laura Brasch
Laura Brasch Associate Director, The College