Investment Banking Superday Tips from Penn Career Services

Investment banking recruitment for summer 2024 analyst positions is very much underway. We recognize this time can be extraordinarily stressful! Lately, our office has been receiving many questions about how to best prepare for the final part of the investment banking interview process known as the Superday. This stage of the interview process may vary per employer but could include multiple interview sessions with different stakeholders at the firm, an opportunity to network or grab lunch with associates, and opportunities to learn more about the company. Reviewing the agenda sent ahead of time will be most helpful but there may still be moving parts or just best practices to help you prepare. 

To address this, we checked in with one of our MBA graduate assistants Maddie Donoghue to gather her tips and tricks students need to know to show up confident and ready to go. Here are her top things to remember: 

  1. If in doubt, bring a blazer. 
  • Superday’s are an integral final part of the interview process, and therefore it is important to dress professionally to present yourself in the best way possible. Pantsuits are a safe bet, but if you feel inspired to wear a work dress (knee or below knee length, short or long sleeves with a conservative neckline) or a pencil skirt and blouse, bring a blazer you can throw on just in case you need to feel extra put together.  
  • And no white sneakers please!  
  1. Come prepared with questions you’d be ready to ask Vice Presidents (VPs) and/or Managing Directors (MDs). 
  • During a Superday you will most likely be meeting with higher-ups at the bank and you don’t want to be caught with nothing if asked, “Do you have any questions for me?”  
  • Sample questions can include potential opportunities they hope to capitalize on in the upcoming quarter, what they feel is the most challenging aspect of their job, or even their favorite part of the deal process—is it managing relationships or the feeling of success when the deal they executed goes through?  
  • A padfolio is a very handy tool to have on the day that will allow you to keep your questions and notes all in order!  
  1. Arrive in “sell mode” 
  • Superday is your chance to “sell” yourself to the bank. Market yourself—arrive with infectious energy and maintain that in every single conversation you have—what makes you unique? How do you stand out from other applicants being considered?  
  1. Prepare clear and concise reasons/rationale for the specific group you are interviewing with. 
  • Show off what you have learned about the group from your networking conversations in your reasoning. What makes xyz group unique at bank abc? Think about dealflow, culture/fit, etc.  

As always, the Career Services Team is also happy to help with 1:1 career advising, mock interviews, offer negotiations, resume reviews and more. Make your appointment via Handshake today! 

By Megan Chambers
Megan Chambers Associate Director, Wharton Undergrad