Ready, set, jet!

As the spring semester ends, many of you are preparing for summer. Whether you are headed out on a program abroad, moving to a new city, or planning for your first day of work, you will continue to discover a culturally diverse world. No matter where your summer takes you, stay curious and recognize that your surroundings will expose you to people from different cultures. Adapting can be hard. So, if like me, you want to gain insight on behaviors and values, it is important to go beyond your first impression. 

Before becoming a member of the Career Services team, I worked for an educational non-profit that facilitated exchange programs for students from around the world. A helpful tool I used with my students was the Iceberg Model which served as a great way for me to meet people where they were culturally and give them and myself the space to recognize our differences.

What’s beneath the surface?

To dive deeper into this topic, check out this LinkedIn Learning on the ‘Iceberg Model of Culture’* which offers a visual way to explore culture.

 *Source Beyond Culture (1976) by Edward T. Hall

As you navigate your summer experience, approach each moment as an opportunity to learn something new. Recognize your own place in the world and continue to interact in ways that leave you open to learning what’s beneath the surface. 

Always remember that even though you might not be physically on Penn’s campus, you still have access to the many services Penn provides. Penn Global has great resources for students studying or exploring abroad which can be found here:

By Ella Studdiford
Ella Studdiford Coordinator, Undergraduate Events & Communications