Summer with Career Services

We’re in the phase of the year where students bring me back down to earth. Despite being excited to hear about all the incredible companies, cities, industries, and opportunities that students will explore this summer, I also have the bittersweet duty to respond to our well-meaning students who ask what I (and the rest of Career Services) will be up to this summer. Most are surprised when I share that our office is open and available all summer long. While we still may take some time for office retreats, professional development conferences, and sneaking a trip or two down the shore, we’re still happy to be available to help with any questions or future planning. First and foremost we want students to enjoy their summer however they’re planning on spending it. We know, however, that applications for some industries (particularly consulting) could open around June/July or you may be faced with decisions for future return offers towards the end of the summer. Should you need assistance, here are some of the top ways to connect with us over the summer.


Most of our students travel all over the world during the summer. You can still schedule an appointment in Handshake to discuss your future plans and goals! We’re happy to meet virtually or in-person should you be on campus.

Case Interviews

With summer consulting opportunities for 2025 opening over the summer, we know lots of students will also be polishing up their casing. Our Consulting Community is an amazing hub for resources to help you practice or get started. In particular, Management Consulted has lots of resources including a mental math tutorials, market sizing drills, and practice cases. We also have a detailed in-house Case Interview Guide that we created with some of our Graduate Assistants. Once you’re ready to run a case real-time, we’ll have availability for case interviews in Handshake so we can help with the finishing touches.

Resume & Cover Letter Reviews

Our online queue for resumes reviews will remain open, but may take longer than usual. Over the summer we have less of our Peer Career Advisors and Graduate Assistants reviewing documents so please just allow us additional time to get back to you. These reviews typically take about a week but may be slightly longer over the summer.

Virtual Events & Social Media

There are still lots of great virtual employer info sessions and events scheduled throughout the summer. We’ll also continue to upload to our socials and usually aim to have a start-of-the-year livestream event on our YouTube channel. And, of course, this very blog will be active with articles from our staff, student stories reflecting upon their summer, and more.

I hope you all have a great summer and and, if you need us, we’re still available and happy to help over this summer!

By Natty Leach
Natty Leach Senior Associate Director, Wharton Undergrad / Co-host, CS Radio