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BioSciences: employers (virtual fair)

Friday, 30th September, 12-4pm

BioSciences Career Fair – VIRTUAL

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There are two versions of the BioSciences Career Fair this year:

  • In-person, Thursday 29th September
  • Virtual, Friday 30th September

Employers have the choice to register for the type of interaction that aligns your recruiting approach. Join us for one of Penn’s main recruiting events in the autumn that focuses on connecting employers with Penn’s population of students and postdocs with strong science and research skills. Take this opportunity to showcase your internship and full-time opportunities to a population of >2,200 undergraduate students with declared STEM majors, >6000 Master’s and PhD students across all STEM fields, and 1200 biomedical and engineering postdocs.

With Penn’s strong reputation for biomedical research, this career fair has a particular emphasis on the life and physical sciences, and attracts employers from a diverse range of industries and career fields (including the biotech and pharmaceutical industry, consulting firms, science writing and publishing organizations, patent law and intellectual property firms, government and non-profit institutions, start-ups, policy think tanks, and more!)

Participate in this virtual career fair to enjoy these featured advantages:

  • ACCESS TOP TALENT: Penn undergraduate/graduate students and postdocs are driven and engaged, and bring with them strong research experiences, and transferable skills applicable to careers beyond research. Postdocs from organizations affiliated with Penn, including the Wistar Institute and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, will also participate in this event.
  • REVIEW RESUME BOOKS: We will create resume books for this year’s event, broken down by degree and whether students/postdocs are seeking internships or full-time opportunities. Employers will receive a link to resumes from students and postdocs registered for this career fair one week prior to the event. Employers may reach out and connect with students/postdocs that they are particularly interested in talking to, and arrange to meet during or after the career fair.
  • ESTABLISH AND MAINTAIN A PRESENCE AT PENN: Build a recruiting pipeline for future STEM candidates by sharing best practices about your hiring and opportunities.

Penn’s students and postdocs are eager to make a connection with employers interested in their wide range of technical and transferable skills, and you can be confident that you will find the high caliber of students and postdocs that you are seeking.

What is the format?

We are excited to be offering both in-person and virtual versions of the BioSciences Career Fair this year. For this virtual event, employers will be able to use the Handshake platform to schedule 1:1 and groups sessions with students/postdocs. For more information on the Handshake virtual career fair experiences, please see:…

Employers with specific job opportunities can identify these during the registration process by uploading positions to Handshake, and then easily linking to these during the registration process. These opportunities will be highlighted in the career fair booklet, and in the pre-event outreach and marketing to students and postdocs interested in attending the fair.

If you are interested in participating in the in-person BioSciences Career Fair, please follow this link:

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Registration Fees and Deadlines

The registration fee is $500 per company and $250 for start-ups, non-profits, government entities, and Penn affiliates. There is an opportunity for employers to sponsor this event, and details are provided during registration. Payment can be made by credit card or check – details about payment methods can be found during the registration process, and on the invoice you will receive once your registration is confirmed. Registrations will be confirmed after July 2022. If you have any questions about the different populations of students or postdocs who attend this fair, then please contact Dr. Joseph Barber (


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Industry-Specific Diversity and Inclusion Networking Series (VIRTUAL)

Our industry-specific DEI networking events held in partnership with student groups and other campus offices are designed to help employers  connect with talented students from diverse backgrounds by sharing your DEI specific recruiting initiatives. We will hold 5 industry networking events in September in tandem with the fall Career Fairs.

  • Wednesday, September 7th, 6pm-7:15pm – Finance DEI Panel + Networking Event
  • Wednesday, September 7th, 7:15pm-8:30pm – Consulting DEI Panel + Networking Event
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  • Wednesday, September 21st, 6pm-7:15pm – Biosciences DEI Panel + Networking Event
  • Wednesday, September 28th, 6pm-7:15pm – Social Impact DEI Panel + Networking Event

Sponsorship* and Registration

  • For-profit: $750
  • Non-profit/Government/Education: $250

*All funds from this event are designated for DEI-related career initiatives and programs.

As part of registration for this series, employers are required to fill out the DEI Networking Event Employer interest form:


Who will I connect with at this event?
This event is open to all students (undergraduate and graduate) of all majors. This is an opportunity for employers to share what DEI and belonging means for their organization by sharing resources, pipeline initiatives, and full-time/internship opportunities.

What is the event format?
The DEI networking event will be held virtually. The event will begin with a panel. The panel will consist of 5-6 sponsors moderated by a campus partner or student group leader. Directly following the panel, students and employers will make connections in breakout rooms.

Who should employers send to attend this event?
Representatives do not have to be from HR. Representatives need to be able to speak about diversity and inclusion and what that looks like at your company, including pipeline initiatives, internship/full-time opportunities, employee resource groups, and other ways in which your organization facilitates inclusion and belonging.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Jackie Moriniere at or Mark Kaloko at