A Summer in the Rainforest

Linda Wu, COL & WH ’24, Annandale, VA

International field ecology research isn’t always well funded, especially when there aren’t professors at Penn working with the systems you want to study. The opportunities that do exist are often extremely competitive. …

By Career Services
Career Services
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Pre-Grad Week Fall 2023

It is that time of the year again! With many graduate school application deadlines approaching at the end of fall, we have put together a series of virtual events to help you with the process. Even …

By Doris Tabassum
Doris Tabassum Associate Director, Graduate School Advising
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A Love Letter to Oncology Nursing

Kaitlyn Francisco, NUR ’24, East Brunswick, NJ

When I was 13 years old, I was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer. It affected my tibia in my left leg and put a halt to my regular life. I …

By Career Services
Career Services
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My Summer in the Shin Lab

Klarissa Diaz, COL ’26, Houston, TX

Over the summer, I worked in Sunny Shin’s Immunology Lab for the Microbiology Department in the Perelman School of Medicine. I began working in her lab in October when I first came to Penn …

By Career Services
Career Services
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Identifying Red Flags: A Guide to Avoiding Fraudulent Job Offers

As we coast through September and really dig our heels into this school year, many of us (like me!) may be thinking back wistfully to summer vacations on the beach. However, just like a red flag on the shoreline warns …

By Anne Dickinson
Anne Dickinson Senior Associate Director, The College
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The Covid-19 crisis is reshaping every aspect of our lives and societies. This series will look at the impact of …

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