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11 Steps for succeeding at Video Interviews

Prepare as diligently as you do for in-person interviews

While the format may be different, you still want to prepare just as diligently for remote interviews as you do for the ones that are in person. See the following list …

By Tiffany Franklin
Tiffany Franklin Associate Director, Engineering Tiffany Franklin
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Orienting Orientations

Career Services welcomes all new students to Penn! Whether you are an incoming freshmen, graduate student or transfer, we can’t wait to meet you – even if just virtually to start.  At Career Services, we turn possibilities into realities. While …

By Michael DeAngelis
Michael DeAngelis Senior Digital Resources Manager Michael DeAngelis
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How to Diversify Your Professional Network (Because Your Connections Shouldn’t All Be Just Like You)

Be honest: Do all of your professional contacts look and sound the same? Did your boss and all your work friends go to the same kind of school as you? Did everyone in your network take similar paths to get …

By Marietta Gentles Crawford - The Muse
The Muse
Expert advice to answer your career questions.
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Fishbowl 101 for Students

by Bill Gao, COL/WH ’22

As a college student, many of us are forced to take a variety of courses to fill requirements. There is an expectation that the few semesters before declaring your major will help you decide what …

By Career Services
Career Services Profile Picture
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A Strong Response | Help Your Organization Speak Up on Social Issues

In the aftermath of George Floyd’s death and global protests, many organizations—private and nonprofit—clearly communicated their condemnation of violence and support for racial justice. However, social media communities have been calling out organizations they believe missed the mark and either …

By Nisha Kumar Kulkarni - Idealist Careers
Idealist Careers
Idealist Careers | Helping you land, love, and grow in your social-impact career. And visit Idealist.org explore thousands of great jobs and social-impact organizations near you.
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