Exponent-ial Benefit! Preparing for Technical Interviews

For any student looking to prepare for interviews in the technical space – Product Managers, Software Engineering, UI/UX/Product Design, Data Science, and more – Exponent is the tool you need!

Exponent is a learning platform that helps you prepare for …

By Jamie Grant
Jamie Grant Senior Associate Director, Engineering
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My Summer in the Lampson Lab

Srikar Yelamarthy, COL ’24, Warrington, PA

Over the summer I had the opportunity to work in the Lampson Lab and conduct research in the field of cell biology. The lab focuses on the cell biology of meiotic drive in mammals, …

By Career Services
Career Services
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CS Radio – Episode 168: Avoiding Toxic Job Postings

This week on CS Radio, the squad discusses another article from The Muse – this time on how to identify a potentially toxic workplace environment! Be wary when a posting uses cute or quirky titles, vagueness in the description, or …

By Michael DeAngelis
Michael DeAngelis Senior Associate Director, Communications & Technology
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Exploring Physics in the Field of Medicine

Jesica Mena, COL ‘ 23, Philadelphia, PA

‘This summer, I had the privilege of working for the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia as a research assistant in the department of radiation oncology. As a member of the Hao Huang laboratory, I …

By Career Services
Career Services
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What Is an Externship (and How to Get One)?

Choosing a career path can be difficult and even nerve-racking when you’re applying to jobs but don’t even know what a day in the role would look like. Externships, typically short programs where you shadow a professional, can help give …

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