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One of the Most Overlooked Resources When Applying to Law School

As the spring semester comes to a close and we move into the summer months, many aspiring law school students ask about the best tools to prepare for the application process.  One of the most overlooked and underutilized resources is …

By Ariana Alexander
Ariana Alexander Associate Director, Graduate School Advising
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CS Radio – Episode 156: Career Mashups

Spring has sprung! Michael and Natty bring back an old favorite: Article Review! Listen as the duo discusses a recent article from Ivy Exec about Career Trajectory.


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Our theme music is “The Strip” …

By Michael DeAngelis
Michael DeAngelis Senior Associate Director, Communications & Technology
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The Pathogenesis of Alzheimer’s Disease.

This is part of a series of posts by recipients of the 2021 Career Services Summer Funding Grant. We’ve asked funding recipients to reflect on their summer experiences and talk about the industries in which they spent their summer. You …

By Career Services
Career Services
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Networking 101: Where to Start

In my time as a career counselor, I’ve noticed that students often know the importance of networking, but many do not know how to begin the process of reaching out. Networking, or building professional relationships, is a crucial part of …

By Mark Kaloko
Mark Kaloko Associate Director, The College
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CS Radio – Episode 155: Early Spring Job Search Strategies

Hearing back from internships can be a stressful waiting game – but don’t fret! – Michael and Natty share their best times for searching, finding, and filtering internships. You can be successful, and you’re not too late!

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By Michael DeAngelis
Michael DeAngelis Senior Associate Director, Communications & Technology
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The Covid-19 crisis is reshaping every aspect of our lives and societies. This series will look at the impact of …

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