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American Counseling Association – Career Central

Professional Association for counselors offering information on licensure, ethics, continuing education. There are also regional chapters available.

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Clinical Social Work Association

Professional Association for Clinical Social Workers with regional affiliated societies which often offer professional development, mentoring, and job listings.

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The New Social Worker

Extensive coverage of social work career topics, including articles and job listings.

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NASW-Career Center

The Career Center section of the National Association of Social Workers’ website offers career advice and job listings.

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Handshake is Career Services’ powerful platform for University of Pennsylvania students, postdocs and alumni served by our office.  Handshake uses cutting edge technology to help you more easily connect with employers and source jobs and internships, event information, and schedule …

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Design Thinking, Social Innovation, and Complex Systems

Scott Boylston
Silicon Valley has always attracted talented designers looking to improve user experience. But designers can improve the human experience too.…

Business Leadership, Social Change, and Movements

Leslie Crutchfield
Social movements matter. They matter to your customers, your workers, and to members of the communities where you operate and…

Mindfulness: A Critical Skill for Project Managers

Ruth Pearce
View Ruth’s LinkedIn Newsletter In the field of project management, there has been heightened attention on the value of interpersonal…

Inside the Mind of an Aspiring Data Scientist

Khaulat Abdulhakeem
Are you the type of person who never stops asking questions? Do you find yourself wondering why systems work the…

Project Management Skills for Leaders

Dana Brownlee
It’s easy to think of project management as some specialized magic that only certified project managers possess, but the truth…

UX Research: International Projects

Cory Lebson
Do you ever feel like there’s a disconnect between your products and the rest of the world? While it’s certainly…

Brainstorming Tools

Jamie Champagne
Using the right tool in the right manner can dramatically improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your brainstorming sessions. In…

Removing Noise and Bias from Strategic Decision-Making

Becki Saltzman
Life is full of hard decisions. From your job to your personal life, every strategic decision you make has a…

Machine Learning with Python: Decision Trees

Frederick Nwanganga
Decision trees are one of the most common approaches used in supervised machine learning. Building a decision tree allows you…


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