Develop Professional & Leadership Skills

Coaching Your Team to Think and Act Strategically

If you’ve ever wished your team could be more strategic, you’re definitely not alone. Strategic thinking is essential in nearly every business venture. But even though it’s consistently rated as one of the most important skills on the job, it’s also one of the most conspicuously absent, which begs the question: how do you coach it? In this course, instructor Nina Bowman teaches you how to coach a team to think and act strategically to drive business goals.

Explore a range of strategic competencies and build your bandwidth to coach these critical skills while improving each team member’s ability to align their day-to-day work with your organization’s long-term objectives. Find out how to use strategic thinking to minimize crises and get ahead of challenges. Along the way, try out some new techniques for staying focused on the things that matter, like managing time wisely, asking the right questions, and shaping unique perspectives.

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