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How to be a Purpose Driven Journalist

Norah O’Donnell’s determination, passion, and aptitude for breaking down complex issues helped her ascend in the competitive (and traditionally male-dominated) world of political journalism. In 2019, she became the anchor of the CBS Evening News—only the second woman to ever hold that role—as well as the managing editor. In this course, Norah shares what she’s learned about how to cultivate a successful career in journalism without compromising your values. She provides her insider perspective on the current climate for reporters and broadcasters, highlighting what it means to be a woman in journalism today. Using examples from her own career, she explains how to find your voice as a journalist and details why empathy, generosity, and trust are essential to the development of great news stories. Plus, get Norah’s perspective on how to balance family life with career demands and which personal qualities you need to possess to achieve success.

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