How might employers view classes taken Pass/Fail?

While most employers and graduate schools may be understanding of pass/fail classes during the spring 2019 semester due to the sudden upheaval in course delivery mid-semester, in general, the decision to take a course pass/fail should be made very carefully. In our “Whether or not to take classes pass/fail? That’s the question” blog post, we explore some of these important considerations.

Are employers still hiring for full-time jobs and internships?

Yes! We are approving new jobs and internships in Handshake on a daily basis. While there are opportunities available across all industries, some have been impacted less than others, such as Pharma and Med Devices, Healthcare and Services and Non-Profit, which have seen the smallest decline in postings. Regardless of industry, you should expect recruiting processes to be virtual, from interviewing to onboarding. We expect most internships and jobs available will remain remote at this time. For more information about remote work, including how to find remote jobs and internships via Handshake and other sites, check out our Guide to Remote Work.

Who is still hiring?

  • New jobs & internships posted daily in Handshake (TIP: Filter search results by posting date to see the newest results)
  • There are a number of databases that track who is still hiring, including:

What about Recruiting and Information Sessions?

Many employers are also looking to conduct recruiting events and virtual info sessions remotely.  These are posted in Handshake for RSVPs and links to how the employer will be hosting the virtual session.

The fall On-Campus Interview (OCI) will all be virtual. Handshake has the most up-to-date information on these sessions as well. Please review our virtual on-campus interviewing orientation video. Information on interview sessions can be found in the On-Campus Interviews section. Specific postings will be under Jobs when available.

What if I didn’t find an internship during summer 2020?

Employers recognize that this is an unusual time for all of us and are likely to be understanding about changes to summer plans, which were disrupted for many students. If you were not able to find a summer internship, be prepared to discuss other ways in which you were productive over the summer. Did you volunteer? Were you entrepreneurial? Did you take advantage of Penn’s subscription to LinkedIn Learning ( to learn new skills?

Is it still ok to reach out to Penn alumni or network during the pandemic?

Now is as important a time as ever to work on and perfect the art of networking. While so many of us are trapped at home due to COVID-19, many Penn alumni may very much welcome the opportunity to connect with a current Penn student or fellow alum. Making connections with alumni who work at a company or in an industry that interests you is one of the best ways to learn quickly, make a good impression and possibly get a foot in the door. We talk a lot about networking on our Make Connections and Network page. On that page we discuss networking and what it is, who you should be networking with and when it’s the best time to network. We also have our Quick Guide to Informational Interviewing. That guide gives advice on how to ask for an informational interview, offers best practices and a list of sample questions so that you can get the most out of your interaction. Information on networking databases like LinkedIn, MyPenn (formerly Quakernet), and CareerShift can also be found on that page. Feel free to check out our online networking course for additional tips!

It goes without saying that this is a challenging time for everyone. While many alumni may be happy chat about their careers, others may be experiencing loss or uncertainty either in their jobs or with their loved ones. Please remember to network with sensitivity and awareness that connecting at this time may not be viable for some.

What if my internship was cancelled or job offer was rescinded? Can I still put it on my resume?

If your internship program has been cancelled, you can and should consider including it on your resume. It can look something like this:

Employer Name, Internship Title (Summer 2020 – cancelled due to COVID19)

  • Accepted full-time internship offer with Employer, program suspended due to public health pandemic
    • Check with employer to see if you can include their name. If not, list the kind of employer and/or the industry.)
  • If the organization is offering online lecture or training, you may also indicate that as a bullet on your resume—e.g. “Will complete virtual leadership training”

I have a virtual interview coming up. What are some tips to ace the interview?

Apply the same tips and tricks to video interviews that you would for interviews that take place in person.

  • Review our Sample Behavioral Interview Questions: and the STAR method (Situation, Target, Action, Result).
  • Be mindful of your background. Make sure it’s not too busy or distracting, and do what you can to eliminate background and ambient noise.
  • This may seem obvious, but find a steady surface for your device if you aren’t using a desktop. A wobbly picture can be very distracting.
  • Do what you can to focus on your camera rather than on the image of the interviewer. Lean in, and be engaged.
  • Practice in advance either through a mock interview with a Career Services advisor though Handshake or by utilizing the Career Services’ subscription to Big Interview, a virtual interview practice tool.

Given my grades for 2019-20, I would normally have been granted Dean’s List but since it wasn’t offered in spring 2019, how do I indicate that on my resume?

Since Dean’s List was not granted in the spring of 2019, even if you had high enough grades to normally qualify for it, you cannot list it on your resume or say that you “would have” qualified for it. Instead, these are your options:

  • Include an asterisk * after your GPA (or after other year’s mentions of Dean’s List) and then a footnote reading “Dean’s List Honors were suspended ‘19-’20” like this – Honors: Dean’s List 2018-2019*              (*Dean’s List Honors were suspended for academic year ’19-’20)
  • For students who are regularly awarded Dean’s list could say: Honors: Dean’s List (All Eligible Years)

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