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Many summer internships, particularly in certain fields, provide only a small stipend or do not pay at all. Frequently the internships are located in cities with a high cost of living. This means that many students are unable to take advantage of excellent positions, which are sometimes the first step towards a career in a given field. Other students wish to participate in nonprofit, NGO, or research work away from home, but find travel costs to be prohibitive.

Career Services has a limited fund of money to allow some select students to pursue unfunded or under-funded summer opportunities. Funds could cover travel expenses, living expenses, or both. In a survey of past summer funding recipients conducted in 2019, 97% of the respondents indicated that they would not have been able to complete the experience without the funding provided by Career Services, 78% said that it made an impact on their career goals, and 70% indicated that it impacted their ability to find subsequent opportunities.

A gift from you can help us expand our reach and aide more students. 

Here are some testimonials on the impact our summer funding grants have had on past recipients. You can read more on our blog.

The VPUL Career Services Summer Funding gave me those friendships, connections and life-changing experiences. Without the generosity of the donors, my time in Philadelphia would have been marred with fears of financial constraints. More importantly, I wouldn’t have been able to allocate all of my focus on my time at HUP and to my patients. To the donors: thank you for the role that you played in helping me establish my identity as a future nurse. Words can’t properly describe how grateful I am for the opportunity and for the aid. This externship has been one of the most rewarding yet humbling experiences of my nursing career, and it wouldn’t have been possible without VPUL Career Services! – Hue Minh Truong, NUR ’19 



Being able to pursue this opportunity as a programming intern would not have been possible without the help of Career Services. Luckily, I didn’t have to let this opportunity pass me by because of financial infeasibility, as I was able to afford necessities like housing and transportation through the generous funding for the three months I was in California. I gained invaluable  knowledge of programming, which encourages me to pursue my desire to ensure the stability, inclusivity, growth and enrichment of the entertainment community at large. – Anna Rochelle Frederic, COL ’20


Just in a summer, I feel that I have not only gained valuable friends and mentors in my CEO and coworkers, but also that I have left a lasting impact on a company that continues to grow as it works with companies that are changing the world. This experience has confirmed my interest in social impact and corporate social responsibility as well as demonstrated to me the importance of a strong corporate culture that ties the entire team together. Without a doubt, this summer has been a memorable and impactful one. – Katherine Ku, WH ’20




Working at a startup with summer had provided with the challenge of succeeding on a small team with limited expertise. The office was comprised of three full time employees, two of which were under the age of 25, and only one of which worked on the Mechanical Engineering/Hardware team. With my boss only being one year out of school, we spent the majority of the summer learning from each other, him with his experience working on the device at this company, and me with my hands-on classroom and project experience. I felt as though I was pushed to hold a role larger of that of a typical intern, but also held much larger influence in the company, and am grateful for this opportunity. – Eli Gottlieb, SEAS ’20