Diverse Leaders in Special Situations Investing Insight Day Atalaya Capital Management LP

New York, United States
Atalaya Capital Management is inviting current college freshmen and sophomores from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds to apply to its first …
Investment Banking Virtual Experience Program

Investment Banking Virtual Experience Program Bank of America

United States

Investment Banking Virtual Experience Program

P1P Gateway Student Mentor University of Pennsylvania - Penn First Plus (P1P)

Philadelphia, PA
Aug 23, 2022
career readiness programs


The Gateway Student Mentorship program is an academic year-long program designed to connect incoming first-year students, upper-level undergraduates, and …

FourBlock’s Career Readiness Program

Philadelphia, PA
Sep 7, 2021
career readiness programs

FourBlock is now accepting applications for the Fall 2021 Career Readiness Program for our Philadelphia cohort! FourBlock’s Career Readiness Program is designed …