Letters of Recommendation for Applying to Medical or Dental School

Applying to Medical School, Dental School or an MD/PhD Program?

Advice on Letters of Recommendation

Applying to Other Graduate Programs, Fellowships, or Jobs that Require Letters of Recommendation?

Career Services has partnered with Interfolio, a comprehensive, web-based document management service. Click the logo below to create your own personal Interfolio account.


If you have letters on file with Career Services and you’d like to transfer them to Interfolio, follow instructions on the Interfolio site to open an account with them and e-mail us at vpul-letters@pobox.upenn.edu with your full name and the specific letters you want transferred.

Vitae’s Dossier Service

The Chronicle of Higher Education offers a no-cost dossier service through its new online academic community Vitae. The dossier service is currently free to use, and allows you to upload and send out application materials, as well as request and send out confidential letters of recommendation for your applications. Your uploaded application materials are not accessible to others until you specifically submit them as part of your application. When you request letters of recommendation from your references, you will not be able to see the content of these letters, but if the recommender grants permission for you to reuse the letter, you can save the letter in your files for use in multiple applications. Please note that your recommender would need to log in to his or her existing Vitae account, or create a new free account, to submit a letter to you. For more information see: https://chroniclevitae.com/faq#dossier-service.