Letters of Recommendation for Law School

Most law schools will require two letters of recommendation. Many show a strong preference for academic references, unless you are more than five years out of college. Many schools will accept up to four letters of recommendation. It is common for applicants to include letters of professional reference.  Because the preferred number and type of letters of recommendation to submit will vary from applicant to applicant, if you are unsure, please feel free to discuss this with your pre-law advisor.

All law schools will accept letters of recommendation from the LSAC’s Letter of Recommendation (LOR) Service. Through this service, your letter writers only need to send their letters to LSAC, rather than sending them to every individual law school. It is your responsibility to keep track of the status of your letters of recommendation.

Once your letters of recommendation arrive at LSAC, you will be asked to direct your letters on file to individual law schools through the LOR Service.