Career Industry & Networking Series: Social Impact Careers

Recording of a live webinar from July, 2020

How does one find their footing in the complex field of social impact? How does one use their knowledge and skills to benefit others? Learn about the different ways our speakers have helped align an organization’s mission with its goals and make a difference in the community. In this discussion, we will meet professionals who work in different areas of social impact and hear their experiences and views on industry trends and practices from a grassroots level to a global perspective.

Moderator: Stephanie Fenniri SPP’19 – Deputy Director at the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia and Penn Teaching Fellow at CSIS (Center for Social Impact Strategy)

Patrice Green, C’05, G08 – Program Officer, Inclusive Economies at the Surdna Foundation

Sayeeda Rashid SPP’20 – Coordinator, Mayor’s Office of LGBT Affairs, City of Philadelphia

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