Recruiter Add On Request Form

Some organizations will fill any open interview slots on the day of their on-campus interviews by accepting “Recruiter Add-On Interviews”. If you want to try to get an “add-on” interview, fill out a “Recruiter Add-On Interview Request Form” for each position that interests you, attach it to your resume, and deposit it in the “Recruiter Add-On Interview Request Box” outside of Career Services between 9:15 am – 2:00 pm one working day before the interview date. Your add-on request(s) will be given to the recruiter(s) when they check in to OCI the following morning. The recruiter(s) will review the resumes at their convenience and will inform the OCI receptionist should they wish to interview you. Please do not call to check on the status of your add-on request. The OCI receptionist will contact students whose requests have been accepted. Students whose requests are denied will not be contacted.  You can find a weekly list of which employers will be on campus each day here.

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