Welcome to Career Services! (Fall 2023)

To all new and returning students…welcome! We in Career Services are excited to help you on your career and per-professional journey! Learn about new offerings for 2023 like our professional headshot booth!

Career Fair Prep – Spring 2024

Associate Director Dustin Miller walks you through what to expect at our in-person and virtual fairs this semester, along with …

Employment Options for International Students

Chiwei Huang-Ma from Penn’s International Student Scholar Services office answers your questions about employment options.

Leveraging LinkedIN as a Grad Student

Career Services Associate Director Dustin Miller demonstrates the many ways graduate students can use LinkedIN to further their career goals.

99 Second Know How: Career Shift

Dr. Joseph Barber shows you how to make the most out of the Career Shift platform in just 99 seconds!

How to Create a Comprehensive Teaching Packet

Some schools will give applicants the option of submitting a teaching portfolio up front and others may request one from …

Ace Your Teaching Demonstration

Teaching demonstrations are an increasingly common part of campus interviews, alongside or sometimes in lieu of traditional job talks. Whether …

Writing a Compelling Cover Letter for Faculty Roles

Learn about the key components of a compelling cover letter tailored to faculty positions. In this session we will discuss …

10 Ways to Prepare for the Academic Job Market

Are you a doctoral student or postdoc aspiring to pursue a career in academia? Don’t miss our upcoming session designed …

Tailoring Your CV to Institutional Fit

If you are thinking of going on the academic job market, you are probably familiar with a CV that lists …