Welcome to Career Services! (Fall 2023)

To all new and returning students…welcome! We in Career Services are excited to help you on your career and per-professional journey! Learn about new offerings for 2023 like our professional headshot booth!

99 Second Know How: Big Interview

Dr. Joseph Barber runs down how you can make the most of the Big Interview platform in just 99 seconds!

Dealing with Depression in Partners, Friends, and Family…and in your Career!

JoEllen Notte, author of “In It Together: Dealing with Depression with Partners, Friends and Family” in conversation with staff from …

Career Fair Prep – Spring 2024

Associate Director Dustin Miller walks you through what to expect at our in-person and virtual fairs this semester, along with …

Employment Options for International Students

Chiwei Huang-Ma from Penn’s International Student Scholar Services office answers your questions about employment options.

Leveraging LinkedIN as a Grad Student

Career Services Associate Director Dustin Miller demonstrates the many ways graduate students can use LinkedIN to further their career goals.

99 Second Know How: Career Shift

Dr. Joseph Barber shows you how to make the most out of the Career Shift platform in just 99 seconds!

How to Create a Comprehensive Teaching Packet

Some schools will give applicants the option of submitting a teaching portfolio up front and others may request one from …

Ace Your Teaching Demonstration

Teaching demonstrations are an increasingly common part of campus interviews, alongside or sometimes in lieu of traditional job talks. Whether …

Writing a Compelling Cover Letter for Faculty Roles

Learn about the key components of a compelling cover letter tailored to faculty positions. In this session we will discuss …