Consulting Q&A with Career Services for the Penn Graduate Consulting Club

QUESTION LIST (including timings)
0:09 – How can we network effectively to learn about companies without feeling like we’re taking advantage of the other person if we have nothing to offer in return right now?
5:37 – How do I write a 1-page business style resume if I have to include my research, my publications, and business-related work?
11:27 – What should an education major (or any major) do to find a job in the consulting field?
14:25 – Aside from prepping for the case interview, how can I prepare for a career in consulting – what can I read and do to prepare myself for the business world?
15:44 – How to answer “What is your greatest weakness?”, “What type of leadership would you expect in the workplace?” and how to position ourselves in the job market (aka self-branding)
22:21 – How to conduct informational interviews and what should I be getting out of them? How to maintain the connection afterward? Can I contact people on LinkedIn or alumni that I have no personal connection to?
30:17 – I am a life science graduate student looking to enter a career in biotech management/leadership in the future. I decided that a career start in business can help me land the leadership role I want. How do I decide between a job in investment banking, management consulting, and venture capital to help launch my career?
36:50 – How can we grow and maintain our professional network, especially when we want to start a career that is outside of our current field?
40:07 – During the fit interview, how should I be framing my answers? I don’t want to sound like I’m complaining if I describe a problem and I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging if I describe how I solved it. How much detail should I go into and what should I be emphasizing?
43:33 – How do I stand out at information sessions hosted by consulting firms and how do I network with the consultant afterwards?