Creating Effective Resumes for Penn Staff/Faculty

This career workshop is for Penn staff/faculty, and was presented as part of the Penn Career Conference 2022 by advisors from Penn Career Services. If you want to learn more about the Career Champions initiative mentioned in this video, please visit: The links to the resources mentioned in this workshop can be found here:

Workshop description:
Your resume is a 2-dimensional version of your combined skills, knowledge, and experience that needs to effectively illustrate the value that you can bring to your next job opportunity. These dynamic documents should be customized and tailored to specific job opportunities, and your experience should be framed in ways that make it meaningful and relevant to a hiring manager. In this Penn staff/faculty-focused workshop, advisors from Penn Career Services will share advice on how to read and interpret job descriptions to help you highlight your most transferable skills in your resumes. The presenters will also provide best practices on the content and formatting of your document. There will be an opportunity to learn about some of the online tools and resources that can support effective resume writing