Networking Strategies for Penn Staff/Faculty

This career workshop is for Penn staff/faculty, and was presented as part of the Penn Career Conference 2022 by advisors from Penn Career Services. If you want to learn more about the Career Champions initiative mentioned in this video, please visit: The links to the resources mentioned in this workshop can be found here:

Workshop description:
Do you want to build strong, authentic relationships with other professional contacts through networking? Do you want to learn tricks and tips to be a better networker and be more comfortable in networking situations? We all know networking is important – everyone tells you that – but the process of connecting with people as you pursue your career goals doesn’t always seem easy. In this workshop, we will explore how you can be mindful of your own relationship-building tendencies as you think about networking approaches. We will highlight strategies and the many benefits you can gain from effective networking in the short and long-term. As an added bonus, you can take what you learn to help you in guiding students with their networking by learning more about how you can network effectively on campus and beyond as part of your own career development.