Remote Acting Opportunities? Yeah, It’s a Thing!

It’s a remarkable time to be alive right now. The world has been thrust into an uncertain and stressful crisis. Sometimes, however, events like these bring about creative solutions to problems.

While most of the entertainment world has stopped cold – with film and TV production shut down and theaters dark – there are still paying acting opportunities out there that you can audition for and record yourself at home with your phone or home camera.  Some of the areas currently hiring:

  • Medical Training Videos
  • Public Service Announcements
  • Brand Ambassadors
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Consumer Commercials
  • Voice Artist Work for:
    • Video Games
    • Radio Spots
    • Podcasts

Read this article at to see other examples and see the casting listings!

By J. Michael DeAngelis
J. Michael DeAngelis Senior Digital Resources Manager, co-host CS Radio