Develop Professional & Leadership Skills

Professional development and leadership skills can sound vague due to the broad scope of what they entail, but it’s important to find opportunities to grow and develop skills and qualifications, whether applying for jobs, internships, fellowships, graduate school, or other forms of continuing education.

Trying things that scare you – advice for PhDs

Carpe Careers1

Check out this post from the Carpe Careers blog published on the Inside Higher Ed website – written by PhD/postdoc career advisors for PhD students and postdocs:

By Joseph Barber
Joseph Barber Senior Associate Director, Graduate Students & Postdocs Joseph Barber
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CS Radio – Episode 102: “Someone Else’s Dad”

episode 102

Michael and Mylene welcome Wharton MBA alum Peter Yawitz, aka Someone Else’s Dad, to talk about his new career advice book “Flip Flops and Microwaved Fish”. Peter is the host of the Advice from Someone Else’s Dad podcast and web …

By Michael DeAngelis
Michael DeAngelis Senior Digital Resources Manager Michael DeAngelis
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The Dos And Don’ts Of Managing Up

The Dos And Don’ts Of Managing Up thumbnail image

As the phrase “managing up” has risen in popularity in recent years, it’s taken on a slew of definitions. Here’s a primer on the basics, along with some dos and don’ts.

What is managing up?

In a nutshell, most career …

By April Greene - Idealist Careers
Idealist Careers
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Of The 4 Types of Managers, Only This 1 is Truly Effective

Of The 4 Types of Managers, Only This 1 is Truly Effective thumbnail image

Today’s managers aren’t expected to simply manage, but act as a coach and develop the talent of their team. (To prove the point of this current thinking, see this recent story in Harvard Business Review, “You Can’t Be a Great …

By Sheila McClear - Fairygodboss
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Is Nursing Leadership Right for You?

Is Nursing Leadership Right for You? thumbnail image

Cathy Yeulet/

The calling to go into nursing leadership is undeniable for many nurses. Others may feel the urge, but are hesitant or even doubt their ability to manage nursing staff, troubleshoot patient care concerns, and collaborate with the administration. …

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