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The following sampling of tools and resources should be combined with your own research. We suggest you use targeted keyword searches to find representative employers and opportunities, explore professional associations, join LinkedIN groups, and browse additional job board postings.  Remember to also search LinkedIN and QuakerNet to connect with Penn alumni in fields related to your interests.

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When Nursing Feels Like Too Much

When Nursing Feels Like Too Much thumbnail image

Anna Bizon/

Nursing is hard. We enter the field with wide eyes and big dreams of helping people in distress and we’re met suddenly with staffing shortages, high expectations, and physical demands that we never imagined. While management struggles to …

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Survival Tips for the New Nurse: You Can Do This!

Confident Nurse With Patient Resting In Background

Tyler Olson/

Well you made it through nursing school. Congrats! That is a huge accomplishment. Whether your NCLEX exam is behind you or still in progress, you are on your way! Here are some tips to help you be successful

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Nurse Practitioner Specialties Explained

Nurse Practitioner Specialties Explained thumbnail image

Antonio Guillem/

The modern healthcare world has expanded vastly in recent history to offer quality and comprehensive care to patients of all ages and all demographics like never before. We know more and can do more to promote the best …

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5 Tips on How to Succeed as a New Nurse

5 Tips on How to Succeed as a New Nurse thumbnail image

Cathy Yeulet/

Starting your first nursing job may seem overwhelming. You have finished one of the most difficult undergraduate educations that exists, but starting to put what you have learned into practice presents a whole new set of difficulties. Thankfully, …

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Is Nursing Leadership Right for You?

Is Nursing Leadership Right for You? thumbnail image

Cathy Yeulet/

The calling to go into nursing leadership is undeniable for many nurses. Others may feel the urge, but are hesitant or even doubt their ability to manage nursing staff, troubleshoot patient care concerns, and collaborate with the administration. …

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