Interview Angst? Here’s What Not to Say in an Interview

As someone who’s been on both sides of an interview, I’ve heard a lot of things that were better left unsaid. I’m sure the speaker meant well (usually), but nerves just got in the way (guilty as charged!). But sometimes …

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Navigating the Politics, Economics, and History of IOs: Research in International Politics

Ian Mijael Zang, COL ’25, Buenos Aires City, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Did you know that, in 1996, a Colombian Guerrilla movement kidnapped the younger brother of the ex-president and, at the time, Secretary General of the OAS for two months, …

By Career Services
Career Services
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My Summer at WildCare Oklahoma

Cat Olson, VET Candidate for Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

Thanks to GAPSA’s Summer Internship Funding program, I had the opportunity to spend this summer working alongside wildlife rehabilitators and veterinary staff at WildCare Oklahoma. WildCare takes in over 7,000 animals …

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Career Services
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