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Some students enter university with a very clear idea of what academic path they wish to pursue and are confident of their future career goals. We have found, however, that the paths of most students are not typically so clear or linear, so exploration is a vital part of the career development process.  Career exploration requires two parts:

  • Conducting self-assessment to consider your interests,  values, and skills
  • Learning more about the world of work so that you can develop a better sense of what the most ideal career options might be for you

The resources below can be particularly helpful for learning more about various industries and careers.  Don’t forget to also explore the specific industry communities on this website as well. There are over 20 to chose from! Once you’ve learned the basics, it is also a smart move to talk to professionals already working in the field to gather additional information and perspectives. Our Networking Page can help you learn how to do that!

Career Resources

Discovery Days are experiences at workplaces that can help students determine whether a job or industry is compatible with their …


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