Not sure how to get started with your career? You aren’t alone. Career Services is here to guide you at whatever stage you are at in the career planning process. The first step is self-assessment. We encourage you to explore the resources relevant to you, and come in for an appointment to learn more. Online students are encouraged to use CareerExplorer.

CareerExplorer is a free platform that helps you find your ideal career. Take the world’s best career test and see your compatibility with over 800 careers.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator is designed to assess the preferences linked to your personality.

Strong Interest Inventory uses Holland codes, personality types created to measure an individual’s “type” and match it with a list of career choices that might be a good fit for that individual.

CliftonStrengths is an assessment that tracks your top five talent themes as a means toward helping you to discover your strengths.

MyIDP supports science PhDs who are at the early stages of exploring career paths outside of academic research.

ImaginePhD allows PhDs in the humanities and social sciences to assess their skills, interests, and work values as they explore careers within academia and beyond.

Exploring your values can help you consider what career paths might be a good fit.

Examining your skills can help you consider what talents you can bring to a work setting.