Your Advisers: Wharton Undergrad

Natty Leach

Senior Associate Director, Wharton Undergrad / Co-host, CS Radio

Natty joined the Career Services team in February 2017, meeting with students from the College of Arts & Sciences about their future career and internship plans, and now leads the team working with Wharton undergraduates. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Natty’s high school mascot was also the Quaker.  His interest in higher education started when he was an RA at New York University where he majored in Media, Culture and Communication.  Loving the ability to explore multiple disciplines and subjects, Natty also minored in both English and Web Design.  Prior to coming to the University of Pennsylvania, Natty worked at Temple University as a Pre-Health advisor for four years.  While at Temple, he earned his M.Ed. in Educational Leadership.  He is now thrilled to be helping students at Penn plan for the future.  Beginning in October 2021, Natty also began co-hosting the CS Radio podcast.

Specialties and Interests

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