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Welcome Undergraduates!

Penn undergraduates go on to make amazing contributions across a wide range of industries.  While every student’s path is different, you can find a suggested timeline on how to make the most of your time at Penn.  We encourage you to utilize and access the many resources and people on campus who can help you clarify and reach your career goals including the Career Services team as well as the many faculty and staff on campus. Of course, your peers are also a great resource… don’t be afraid to share your journey with them!


Summer Hematology Lab Experience

Samir Maarouf, SEAS ’24, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Over the course of my summer, I had the opportunity to continue doing research at my Hematology research lab in the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. Prior to this experience, I was …

By Career Services
Career Services
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Critical Thinking: A Simple Guide and Why It’s Important

Strong critical thinking skills are crucial for career success, regardless of educational background. It embodies the ability to engage in astute and effective decision-making, lending invaluable dimensions to professional growth.

At its essence, critical thinking is the ability to analyze, …

By Ivy Exec
Ivy Exec is your dedicated career development resource.
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Empowering Change: My Summer with Islamic Relief USA

Safa Elzanfali, COL ’24, Bayonne, NJ

This summer, my journey took me beyond the confines of a traditional internship. I had the privilege of joining the dynamic team at Islamic Relief USA (IRUSA) as a Public Affairs Intern. As I …

By Career Services
Career Services
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To reach out or not to reach out…

The art of sending cold emails to future faculty advisors and the science behind how to make it work

Contacting faculty members before/during the application cycle is becoming more of a “trend” than a “hack” among students applying to graduate …

By Doris Tabassum
Doris Tabassum Associate Director, Graduate School Advising
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CS Radio – Episode 191: “Grab Bag – AI and Underused Tools”

Episode 191 – Join Michael and Natty as they reach into the CS Radio grab bag to discuss the role of AI in career searches and highlight underutilized job search resources like Lippincott Library’s databases. Discover how AI is reshaping …

By Michael DeAngelis
Michael DeAngelis Senior Associate Director, Communications & Technology
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