First-Generation Fireside Chat: Banking Insights featuring TD Securities VP of Recruitment, Ed Veloz

In honor of National First Gen Day on November 8th, 2020, Career Services is highlighting experiences, perspectives and advice from first gen professionals in various career fields.

Join us for a LIVE Fireside Chat Zoom Conversation with Ed Veloz, VP of Recruitment for TD Securities, moderated by Javion Joyner ’22.

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Guest: Ed Veloz, Vice President of Recruitment for TD Securities

Moderator:  Javion Joyner is a junior in Wharton from Spokane, WA concentrating in Business Economics & Public Policy and Legal Studies & Business Ethics with a minor in Urban Real Estate & Development.

Learn more to learn about our first-generation professional, Ed Veloz:

Tell us about yourself.

I was born and raised in the Washington Heights section of Manhattan. The son of two immigrants from the Dominican Republic, growing up in a immigrant low income neighborhood presented its challenges, but I would not change it because it helped to define me and the man I am today. My dad stopped attending school back in the DR around the 7th or 8th grade. My mother was able to graduate HS, but never attended college, so when I started at Stony Brook University in fall 2002 I had no idea what to expect. I was fortunate enough during my years at Stony Brook to come across professors and mentors that helped guide me and I eventually landed an internship at Citi my junior year, while I enjoyed the internship I realized that Operations was not for me, so I shifted my focus to Human Resources. After graduating from Stony Brook I joined Morgan Stanley in their HR Analyst program, I spent the first seven years of my career at MS all in their Early Talent team, after leaving MS I joined Dow Jones as their Head of Early Talent, then joined TD Securities in 2014 and in my current role I am the Head of Recruiting. I live in Bronx currently with my wife and two daughters, and I am an avid Yankees and Knicks fan.

What led you to your current position?

My internships at Citi even though it was in Operations helped me identify HR as where I wanted to be. During my internship my exposure to the HR team helped me find my passion, which is helping others find career opportunities that meet their short and long term needs.

What has been your greatest accomplishment?

At TD we are in the process of creating a new program to help close the gap as it pertains to access and interview preparedness for candidates interested in our Early Talent programs. TD Launch is a multi week virtual financial services bootcamp which will be open to Black, Hispanic, Female, LGBTQ+, and Veteran candidates who are in their sophomore year and interested in exploring internship opportunities for summer 2022. A major focus of this program will be in getting First Generation College students to participate. That group typically lacks the access to our industry and due to the lack of access when it comes to getting ready for the interview process they are at a disadvantage at times. TD Launch will look to address these issues by providing students with an overview of our industry, how to best prepare for interviews, and connect them with TD employees that will help lead them through the spring/summer internship process.

What surprises you the most about your job?

The changes in candidate expectations. Events like Covid-19 and the social unrest that happened this spring changed what candidates were looking for from employers, that required us to change our EVP and recruitment process.

What three adjectives would you use to describe your company’s culture?

Friendly, flexible, and energetic

What internship opportunities does your company offer?

We offer internship opportunities in Investment Banking, Global Markets, Technology, and Infrastructure.

How does your company mentor first gen professionals? (ie. Organizations, programs, workshops, professional development, etc.)

We work very closely with Sponsors for Educational Opportunities, which helps to support students at the High School level prepare and gain acceptance into top universities across the US. Once in college we work with SEO to help pipeline these candidates into our internship programs. Additionally this January 2021 we are going to be launching a new program TD Launch that will focus on providing access and opportunities for First Generation College students to learn about our industry and prepare for the summer analyst interview process.

What does being first gen mean to you?

It means creating opportunities for myself, my family, and my community that did not exist previously.

What unique qualities do you think first gen students bring to the table?

Hunger and desire are the two traits that jump to mind. Thinking of my own journey, I was so driven to be successful and provide opportunities for those around me, that it fueled me tremendously.

How could a student highlight their unique experiences or qualities during an interview?

Thinking through everything from how you grew up, to jobs you might have had, to activities you participated in. All of these experiences help to define who you are, think through what you learned from each of those experiences and how you applied them moving forward in your life.

Have you ever experienced imposter syndrome?  If so, how did you navigate through it?

I have not, and not because I am a super confident person. But because I was so focused on the job or task at hand I didn’t allow doubt to creep into my mind.

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