Lowering the Cost of Applying to Med School: AAMC Fee Assistance Program

The AAMC Fee Assistance Program (FAP) provides people who qualify with a free MCAT Prep bundle of online products, a reduced registration fee for the MCAT, free access to the MSAR, and waived AMCAS fees up to 20 schools.  This is a savings of $1,443.80 at this time.  Do check it out and apply early – in advance of registering for the MCAT.  Eligibility has been expanded in light of the pandemic.  Know that even if you do think you are eligible, you may be able to appeal if your financial situation has been impacted by COVID-19:

 If you are denied, you are eligible to submit a Fee Assistance Reconsideration Request to fapreconsideration@aamc.org that will take into account household loss of income from COVID-19. Fee Assistance benefits are available for use once an application has been approved.

If you qualify for the AAMC FAP you can then ask the medical schools to which you apply to waive their secondary fee.  It is customary for them to do so and your qualification for FAP is in the AMCAS information system.  Secondary fees can reach $100 per school, so be sure to ask.

By Carol Hagan
Carol Hagan Senior Associate Director, Graduate School Advising